Sunday, 18 March 2012

Not a good start!

Ok, so after a positive start by actually setting up the blog... I've posted absolutely nothing!

As I'm still so fresh with sewing, I'm going to hold off on these posts until I have all the equipment I need.

However, that doesn't mean I can't talk about my first projects! We are currently in the process of building a little home to live in and I've already planned a few little things to make.

We've created a cute little vintage inspired kitchen in blue and yellow, so what would look cuter than some bunting - I'm thinking plain yellow and blue gingham.

Yellow and blue bunting

Our living room is going to be a bit brighter - red, black and white. We've ordered some amazing Barbara Hulanicki skull wallpaper and I'd like to make some skull or polkadot cushion covers to fit in.

I think both of these will be nice and easy (hopefully!) to get me started and it will be great to have some bits in my home that I made myself.

I'm struggling to add pictures at the moment, so will have to add these later.

Hope you are having a good Sunday :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Don't worry about the blog, you will get in the swing of things, I have only started writing a sewing blog myself. Am not an avid sewer but hoping to change that once I have acquired the skills and acquired a much needed cutting table of sorts.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment - good luck with your blog and sewing!

  2. If you are following a lot of blogs Bloglovin is a great help.