Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Life lately

So, my blogging completely fizzled out! I’m going to make another attempt, hopefully it will stick this time and I thought I best provide a little update on my life lately.

One big thing happened, I am now a home-owner! Pretty much on the spur of the moment in December, I put an offer in on a flat and just over 8 weeks later, we were moving in! We’ve now been living there for just over a month and I am loving it! The spare room is full of boxes (what is even in them?!?!) and the bathroom needs to be completely redone, but it really feels like home.
My keys :D

Kittens inspecting the new sofa

It’s been a great excuse to buy some of the awesome things that I’ve had my eye on….
Gorgeous mermaid print from Painted Lady Tattoo
Totally suitable Cat Lady print from Amy Savage
Nautical bottle from Next

We’ve also got some new fur babies. After the sudden death of Mo and Ant last year, I didn’t think I would ever be able to have a cat again. It just seemed like a recipe for more heartbreak. However, one of the girls I skate with was having kittens (her cat anyways!) and she was looking for loving homes. We had so many discussions about the pros and cons and decided to go for it and get 2 little tabby boys… although one turned out to be a little girl!! Meet Bobby and Max
And I also have my first nephew! This little fella was born in February. His mummy and daddy ended up buying another flat I had been looking at around the corner, so we get plenty of time to see him for cuddles J


My lovely man found a love of rollercoasters after years of being a scaredy cat, so we have been on a few theme park trips to make up for the years he missed! We’re hoping to go to Florida next year if we can get the money together now we have a mortgage to pay!

So here's what's been happening for me recently. Anything exciting to report?

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