Tuesday, 6 May 2014

30 things to do before I am 30

With just over 365 days until I start a new decade, I've been having a philosophical think about some of things I want to accomplish before my birthday next year. Some are pretty small things, whilst others are going to need a bit more work!
  1. Go to Disneyland in Paris
I am cheating slightly with this one thanks to my lovely boy, but it was on my mental list!

  1. Visit a new city in Europe
There are so many beautiful cities in Europe that I have yet to experience and you can get some great deals on flights, so I plan to visit another city.  Any recommendations?
  1. Go to a music festival
I’m ashamed to say, I have never been to a ‘proper’ (sleep in a tent, get covered in mud) music festival. I want to change that!

  1. Visit friends in Carlisle & Yorkshire
Two of my closest friends moved away (was it something I said?!) and I miss them very much. I still speak to them regularly, but would love to visit them. ROAD TRIP!!
  1. Take a trip back to Lincoln with my University girls
I still meet with 4 of my friends from Uni regularly, but I’ve not visited Lincoln for so long. It would be great to take a trip back together to reminisce on an amazing 3 years that brought us all together, especially as we are all turning 30 in the next few years.
  1. Make some curtain tie backs for the flat
I’ve neglected my sewing machine and the sewing related content of the blog, so have set myself a few challenges to complete to make up for it.
  1. Stitch a curtain for my dressing table

  1. Make myself something to wear (and wear it in public!)
I’m still a complete beginner at sewing, so this should be interesting….
  1. Make some cushion covers

  1. Make a gift for someone
I love receiving hand made gifts, so would love to make a special something for someone
  1. Paint / draw a picture for the flat
I’ve never excelled at art, but want to push myself to try and be a bit more creative. I’ve bought so many lovely prints recently; it would be great to add one of my own to the flat J
  1. Write a book

  1. Make my own jam / chutney
I love jam and chutney, but rarely eat it. How about a slightly more unusual spread to have on toast or with cheese and biscuits?
  1. Bake a cake
I love to cook, but am really not patient enough for baking and have never actually baked a cake. Olli also loves cake, so he will appreciate this!
  1. Bake a sweet filling pie
As above
  1. Bake a soufflé
A soufflé looks so impressive, but apparently are relatively easy to do and would be a great dinner party dish

  1. Complete a charity 5k

  1. Learn a new sport /attend a different fitness class

  1. Print out and display photographs

  1. Learn a new language

  1. Take a class

  1. Have a digital switch off for 24 hours
It would be great to go a full 24 hours without my phone, laptop, internet, tv etc – I am so reliant on technology
  1. Go on a spontaneous roadtrip
I am not good with spontaneity and love a good plan / list (hence this post!) I want to push myself to plan less and just enjoy spur of the moment activities

  1. See a top show in London
The only ‘big’ show I have seen in London is Wicked. I would love to see Les Miserables or The Lion King in London – any other recommendations?
  1. Learn to make cocktails

  1. Sell something I have made

  1. Volunteer for a good cause

  1. Take a ‘risk’ – go sky diving, bungee jumping, walk on hot coals etc

  1. Write a letter to myself in 10 years
A great opportunity to think about where I think I may be in 10 years and a chance for future reflection
  1. Create a portfolio of professional photographs
This one makes me look incredibly bigheaded, but I would love to have a selection of photos to look back on as I get older. I've done a bit of pin up style modeling and some bits for skating

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