Friday, 9 May 2014

Packing Light

I am not generally a ‘pack light’ kind of girl – ‘put it in, just in case’ is definitely more my style. What if it rains, What if it is hot / cold / wet? What if I magically gain 5 stone and none of my clothes fit? What if my feet hurt? What if I am suddenly invited to a film premier / the Oscars etc etc?!?!
You get the idea anyway!

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I am off to Paris at the weekend. On the Saturday, we will fly into Paris around 8am and then have a full day to sightsee before heading to our hotel. In this time, I have to keep my luggage with me.

Normally, we would share a large suitcase and I would also take a small carry on case – but I can’t really picture myself (in reality, probably Olli…) climbing the Eiffel Tower with 2 cases.

So I am challenging myself to pack a capsule wardrobe to fit into a mid-sized holdall.

This is the bag, which I bought from a local stall for under £20!


Unfortunately, the weather forecast shows rain for the weekend, so with that as my guide, I am going to pack the following:-


Jeans. These comfy capri jeggings (not technically jeans I know) were only £20 from Dorothy Perkins don’t crease, so are perfect for cramming into my bag. I will wear some classic black leggings with a long top to travel in - these ones (£20 for a twinpack) from Sainsburys have a high waist for a great fit and are made out of thicker material that doesn't go see through.

Top. A top to wear and a spare in case of spillages (very likely to happen!) This black camisole, £18 from Topshop also works dressed up for night. My red leopard print one was only £8 from Asda (unfortunately not on your website) - I often get distracted when doing my grocery shop!

Lumberjack Shirt. Worn alone or as a cover up. Similar can be found here.

Black Cardigan. Classic item that can be worn with any outfit

2 pairs of underwear.  Need I say more!

PJ top. No sense in taking full PJs in my bag, so will pack a top to sleep in.

Scarf. Multiple use for warmth, to wrap head, as a pashmina or just an accessory. My swallow print one came from a local boutique, but can be found here


Make up essentials . My favourite Seventeen BB Cream doubles up as SPF, some Rimmel Clear Complexion pressed powder to eliminate shine, Barry M blusher, eyebrow pencil (mine comes from this AMAZING set from Seventeen & mascara (my current favourite is also from Seventeen at Boots, but I also love this L'oreal one.) I'm debating taking my Barry M nail varnish in case of chips and always pack a lip balm - I love the Born Lippy range at The Body Shop. Add in some black liquid eyeliner for some glamorous flicks in evening (in an easy to use pen to minimise mistakes!) and a suitably Parisian Rockalily red lipstick in Rockette Red (unfortuntely the talented ReeRee no longer makes these) and I’m good to go! 

I always carry a bandana for hair cover ups (ebay has a great selection) and this gingham scrunchie from Topshop is a super cute way to put hair up. I will be taking my lovely black orchid & cherry hair clip from the lovely Bad Kitty - a hair flower is perfect to add for the evenings.


Dry Shampoo. I wash my hair twice a week anyway, so shouldn’t need to wash it while I am away. I love dry shampoo for adding texture and volume and have bought a mini can from Batiste for the trip.

This XXL plumping powder (also Batiste) is a must have for me to add volume to my hair.

Wash bag. My Lush pots are perfect for travelling – the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser doubles up as an exfoliator, I can double up my Imperialis moisturiser as a hand / body cream and I will decant my witch hazel into a little bottle to use as a toner – a bargain at £1.59 for Sainsburys! A small roll on deodorant, an almost empty tube of toothpaste, my toothbrush and a muslin face cloth finish off my wash bag. The hotel will have shower gel, so I am not going to waste space packing any.

Ballet pumps. I will be wearing my trusty comfy Toms to travel and these will be perfect for walking around Paris. But it would be nice to have a ‘smarter’ pair of shoes to wear in the evening.

Rain mac. An obvious item with the weather forecast for the weekend. I bought a pocket mac in Primark at the weekend for £9. Classic black will go with everything.

Handbag. I need to get a bag that is small enough to tuck into my holdall, but big enough to use on it’s own once I’ve dropped my bag off at the hotel.

Essentials. Passport, Euros, Bank Card, Ear plugs, map.

Finally, the most important item… Minnie Mouse ears! I can’t go to Disneyland and not wear the ears that my sister lent me for the trip!

I’ve decided to stick to red & black for my colour palette for the weekend, as this really helps with sticking to a small capsule wardrobe (I definitely didn’t plan the colours around the ears… honest!)

Now just to hope there is nothing I have forgotten. And if Olivier Martinez calls, I’ll just have to visit a Parisian boutique for a new outfit!

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